The 15 Best Foot Massagers to Relax your Feet

Foot Massagers


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Massage is a kind of bodywork for the feet, often involving the use of oils, lotions, and foot baths. The foot massage allows your foot muscles to relax and produce a feeling of well-being. A foot massage also assists in reducing foot pain and foot fatigue. A foot massage can be done by a professional or by the person giving the foot massage if he has been trained to do so.

Here are the best foot massagers that can help you relax your feet.

1. Add a day Foot Massager Roller Stick

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The Addaday foot massager comes in different colors and is designed to fit perfectly on your foot while getting all the little nooks and crannies of your foot. The round knobs will surely soothe any aches or pains in your feet. However, this foot roller has issues with durability as some users have reported that the plastic cracks after a few uses. You can also lose some skin from using it too vigorously on your foot over time. But if used with care, it can be a foot massaging solution that you would want to use every day.

2. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

The foot roller by TheraFlow is made of steel and has massage rollers at the front and back for foot acupressure. This foot roller has some durability issues as some users have reported their foot rollers breaking after a few uses especially if they are too vigorous on their foot. However, customers who aren’t heavy-handed with the foot roller claim to love its design which gives them relief from foot pain easily.

3. Homedics Foot Bath Shiatsu Massage

With 8 different styles of nodes on this foot bath, you are sure to get foot relief. The foot bath can fit up to two feet at once, which is great for people who want foot massages together. Though it doesn’t come with any replacement heads after some time, the foot shiatsu can still last a long while if you aren’t too rough on your foot while using it. However, customers have mentioned that there should be more massage nodes in the foot bath so you can get a better foot massage experience.

4. HoMedics Foot Spa Massager

The foot spa by HoMedics comes with 18 different styles of nodes that are designed to give you maximum foot relaxation whether you’re having an acupressure massage or hydrotherapy treatment. Customers love how foot pain is relieved in minutes after using the foot spa with the various types of foot massage styles you can choose from. Better yet, they love that its foot massaging nodes are high quality and will not break even when used every day.

5. Shiatsu Foot Massager

This foot massager is made by HealthPro and has 8 rollers that spin around to give you optimum foot relief. The foot roller comes in different colors so it doesn’t look too bland on your bathroom floor. Customers who have this enjoy how lightweight it is compared to most foot spas which make it easier to move around the house without help. Users also like that there are heat settings for both feet and the foot massager itself. This also comes with a remote for added convenience.

6. Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

If you want to go the natural route, you can choose this foot file instead as it helps exfoliate and remove dead skin from your feet easily. This foot file is rechargeable and comes with an extra roller head that can be replaced after some time. Customers who use this foot file every day love how well it works at removing calluses and other foot issues such as dry skin without too much effort. The foot file also has a long battery life so you don’t have to worry about replacing its batteries often.

7 Ivation Foot Spa Massager

The foot roller by Ivation is made of plastic but it comes with 20-foot massage nodes that can offer foot relief to your entire foot. Users love how well the foot massager works on their foot especially when they are experiencing aches and pains in their feet after a long day at work. The foot roller is not too bulky either which makes it easier to store away or to travel with. However, some customers would have preferred if the foot massage rollers were closer together so its massaging nodes could get deeper into your foot.

8. HoMedics Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massage

This foot massager by HoMedics has 4 kneading rollers that will give you foot relief from foot pain. This one comes with a remote so you don’t even have to pick up your foot to switch through its foot massage styles or heat settings. Customers who use this foot massager love how it warms their feet up after a long day of work and offers them some foot relief without causing too much pain. However, users would like it if it were easier to clean as the foot rollers do not detach and can be quite hard to clean properly.

9. Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Cordless

This foot massager is cordless and has 8 deep penetrating foot nodes that can help relax hard muscles in your feet. This cordless foot massager works well for people with foot pain and foot cramps. Customers who have foot issues such as foot tension, foot fatigue, foot aches love that this foot massager works well for their individual needs. The machine also comes with a cord for those who want to use it as an alternative source of power.

10. HoMedics Deep Kneading Shiatsu

The massager by HoMedics is made up of 18 rotating shafts so you can enjoy an option of 3 different massage styles. You can choose from the heat setting and the foot rollers will go in different directions on your feet so you can get some really good foot relief after a long day at work. However, users would if this foot massager were more durable as foot massagers can be used daily and they have reported that this foot massager broke after a few months of use.

11. LAVO Foot Massager with Heat

This foot massager has 8 massage heads that go in different directions on your feet so you can enjoy foot relief from foot fatigue, foot cramps, or foot pain. Customers who have used this foot massager rave about its ability to relieve their tired feet without too much effort. The foot masseuse comes with 4 motorized rollers which are all removable for easy cleaning. Users love how powerful the rollers are without causing too much pain on their feet. However, some users do not like how bulky it is compared to other foot spas out there.

12. Healthmateforever massager

This foot massager by Healthmate has 18 kneading nodes that can help relax your foot after a long day of work. The foot massager’s foot rollers will go in different directions on your feet which helps you get some real foot relief. Customers who bought this foot massager had foot pain issues and they were surprised at how powerful the foot rollers are without causing them too much pain. However, some customers do not like how it tends to slide off easily when they are using it on their couch or an airplane seat during a flight.

13. Oster Pro 1200 Plus Smooth Cuisine, Silver/Green

This food processor has a smooth foot and pulses action so you can get foot relief from foot pain and foot cramps. The machine has a 200-watt motor and comes with 3 different stainless steel blades that will let you chop food into tiny bits or even blend it for your foot masque. Customers who have foot injuries such as foot cramps, foot tension, etc. love how easy it is to use this foot massager. Some users do not like the on/off switch on the top of the machine but some users say they found a way around easily pressing down on it while using the foot engine.

14. RENPHO Rechargeable Foot Massager

This foot massager by REPHA has six metal balls that will help you get foot relief from foot fatigue, foot tension, foot cramps. The foot feet can go in different directions on your foot which helps give you different types of foot relief. Customers who have foot issues such as foot pain and foot tension love that this machine works well for them without causing too much pain. However, users do not like how the foot massager only has one setting.

15. Michael Kors Women’s Jimmy Choo Tyler

This women’s shoe is made up of soft suede-like material with pointed toes and 4-inch heels. This stylish pair of shoes comes with a lightly padded insole to make walking more comfortable while giving it a flattering almond toe shape. Customers who bought these gorgeous pumps say that they can walk from side to side without feeling any foot pain. However, some customers do not like how the foot part of the pump digs into their heel causing too much foot pain.


While foot massagers are great for foot pain relief, there are many foot massager options out there to choose from. Customers who bought foot massagers love how they can get foot relief without too much foot pain. However, some users do not like foot massagers because they only have one setting and that the machine slides off easily when you try to use it on your couch or airplane seat during a flight. Decide what type of foot massage you want (kneading, rolling, etc.), and look at the features of each foot massager before purchasing one. Decide if you want a foot roller or an air compression unit as well so you will know which foot massager will work best for your specific needs.

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