Hot Stone Massage for Cancer Pain Relief

Cancer is a feared diseased. In fact, people fear this disease the most. To everyone it is the calling of death. However, modern medical technology has found some cure of cancer. Therefore, it has some solution now. Hot stone massage can help cancer patients during chemotherapy. It works like wonder in reducing pain.

Hot Stone Massage for Cancer Pain Relief
Hot Stone Massage for Cancer Pain Relief

Should You Opt for Hot Stone Massage During Cancer

Well, there are people who disagree with the concept. They think that opting for massage during chemotherapy might not be a good idea. However, the therapists who provide massage claim that hot stone massage can help reducing pain during this time. Regular massage therapy can boost immune system of the cancer patients.

How It Helps Cancer Patients

Therapists heat up the stones to provide massage. The warmth helps in reducing the pain which the cancer patients feel. There is another way hot stone provides relief. Due to red blood cell loss patients suffering from cancer become sensitive to cold. The warmth helps them to cope with this problem.

Hot Stone Massage Reduces Stress

Stress is a common thing during chemotherapy. Massage helps in reducing stress by calming nerves and soothing muscles. The soreness around the body reduces. With the reduction of pain, patients feel at ease.

Hot Stone Massage Reduces Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious during cancer. Patients suffer from extreme anxiety during this time. This leaves them exhausted. Usually due to anxiety they fail to respond to medicine properly. A massage therapy can help during this time. It can help in reducing anxiety. As the patients calm down they begins to respond to the medicines better.

Doctors Prescribe It

It is true that doctors ask their patients to go for this massage. This is because the massage helps patients relax. Relaxation is beneficial for cancer treatment. Doctors understand this. For this reason they ask their patients to opt for a massage therapy treatment along with the medicines.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Safety

Is it safe to opt for this massage during chemotherapy? If you are wondering this, you should be assured that the massage is absolutely safe. However, every patient is different. They respond to differently to different situations. This is why – you should get doctor’s advice before opting for anything. The massage therapy might not suit you.

The Risk Factors

The risk arises from chemotherapy. It leaves patients tired. Due to this the immunity system of the patients becomes weak. In case you opt for a massage therapy and the therapists carry some illness, you will be exposed to it. Also, you might get exposed to infection.

How Can You Opt for Hot Stone Massage Therapy

If you really want to go for this massage for pain relief, you have to follow some steps. You need to get your doctor’s advice on this. Only your physician will be able to tell you whether you will benefit from such a therapy or not. In case, your physician prescribes you the massage therapy, you should ask them for referral. You doctor will be able to refer some skilled therapist for this massage therapy.

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