Foot Reflexology an Effective Cure of Depression

Depression has become a common problem. Modern era is suffering from this mental problem from a long time. The severity of depression has made the doctors worried. Everyone is looking for a cure of depression. In such a case – foot reflexology massage can help you. Yes, if you are suffering depression you should give this therapy a try.

Foot Reflexology A Closer Look

If you are not sure about this therapy, you are not alone. There are others who don’t have any idea about this. This is a simple therapy which has immense effect on mental health. The therapy involves soaking foot in warm salted water. Usually the sessions of this therapy last for 45 minutes. Sometimes the therapy can last for an hour as well.  During this time the therapists provides massage to stimulate nerves. It helps in healing the entire body.

Foot Reflexology an Effective Cure of Depression
Foot Reflexology an Effective Cure of Depression

Foot Reflexology Quick Benefits

This is a massage therapy which provides physical benefits. However, those who are suffering from mental problems like stress and depressions, benefit from this therapy as well. Regular foot therapy drains out the negative emotions.

How Foot Reflexology Heals Depression

The idea of this therapy follows the concept that feet are attached to body nerves. The therapists use pressure to these nerves to provide overall healing. The objective of the therapy is to release pressure from these nerves. By doing this the therapists drain stress and tension from body muscles.

Technique of the Therapy

Foot Reflexology an Effective Cure of Depression
Foot Reflexology an Effective Cure of Depression

To heal the therapists uses firm strokes on the feet. Massage is also an integral part of the therapy. It helps in unblocking energy and break energy blocks. Additionally, this therapy improves blood circulation in the body. Regular therapy helps in breaking down acid crystal blocks in the body. This helps in curing depression and other mental problems.

Importance of the Therapy

Therapists claim that this therapy offers relief from mental and physical problems. Depression is one of the problems which need such in-depth massage. Foot Reflexology helps depression patients in various ways.

  • This massage removes toxin from body
  • Foot reflexology improves blood flow in the body
  • This activates internal organs
  • It opens up energy flow
  • Foot therapy massage breaks down energy blocks
  • It helps in relaxation

What Can You Expect from the Therapy

Because it offers such wide range of benefits, you should try it once. If you are suffering from depression, this therapy will surely help you get cure. This therapy is a simple one. Anyone can avail the benefit of this therapy. People who are suffering from depression or other emotional problems, feel better after this therapy.

Some Last Words

Before you opt for this treatment, you need to understand an important fact. Depression is relative. It might affect different persons in different ways. This is the reason, you need to seek medical help if your condition is serious. Also, you need to get medical advice before you opt for the therapy. You need to understand that a physician will know your condition better than anyone. So, don’t shy away from getting medical help in case of depression.

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