Essential Oil in Aromatherapy Treatment

Lavender oil is an essential element in Aromatherapy treatment. This oil has the ability to cure anxiety and stress. In addition, lavender oil is famous for its incredible fragrance. People love lavender oil because, it improves skin condition. This is one of the reasons – why people use lavender oil in Aromatherapy massage.

How Lavender Oil Aromatherapy Treatment Improves Skin

This oil has a soothing effect on skin. This is the primary reason for which this oil is being used in aromatherapy for such a long time. Its therapeutic scent cures skin related problems with ease. However, there are other reasons to use lavender oil in aromatherapy. Given below are some of them –

Lavender Oil Cures Acne

Well, you might raise your eyebrows at the prospect of curing acne with oil. This might seem like a bizarre idea. However, if you explore, you will find that the primary cause of acne is oil deficiency. To combat the deficiency, you can use lavender oil. It works as a moisturizer for your skin. This oil has antibacterial quality. Lavender oil penetrates skin pores and cures acne. Due to this lavender oil is used in aromatherapy skin treatment.

Essential Oil in Aromatherapy Treatment
Essential Oil in Aromatherapy Treatment

This Aromatherapy Treatment Cures Dry Skin

In case, the dry patches of your skin do not heal, you should add this oil to your skin care routine. This has the ability to keep the body oil level balanced. You can massage lavender oil to the dry patches or you can apply lavender cream on the dry skin areas to heal the skin condition.

It is Anti-Inflammatory

This oil has anti-inflammatory quality. You can go for lavender oil aromatherapy massage to reduce patchy skin, to cure skin redness and also to heal insect bites. This oil works wonder as foundation. As a primer, this oil offers a soothing coverage.

This Aromatherapy Treatment Detoxifies Skin

Lavender oil aromatherapy massage helps in detoxifying skin condition. This massage is famous is the spas.

It Heals Skin Wounds

To heal wounds, you can use lavender oils. Ancient Greek healers used lavender oil to clean wounds and used to apply it to soothe skin injury.

Lavender Oil Prevents Wrinkles

This oil has antioxidant quality. In aromatherapy massage this oil gets used to prevent wrinkles. This oil fights against wrinkles. Dark spots are among other things which lavender oil prevents.

Other Benefits of Lavender Oil

Apart from skin benefits, lavender oil has other benefits as well. This oil does not only improve skin condition, it helps in controlling hair fall too. Regular lavender oil massage on the scalp reduces hair loss. This oil also promotes hair growth.

Essential Oil in Aromatherapy Treatment
Essential Oil in Aromatherapy Treatment

Lavender Oil Cures Dandruff

If you are suffering from dandruff and itchy scalp, lavender oil can be of help. Massaging this oil on the scalp can help preventing dry scalp problem. Also it will reduce dandruff.

It Promotes High Quality Sleep

This essential oil promotes quality sleep. Lavender oil soothes both body and mind. This is why – it improves quality of sleep. People suffering from insomnia can be benefitted from this lavender oil massage.

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