Aromatherapy Facial for Better Skin

Aromatherapy facial is an effective treatment for skin. If you are suffering from dry skin problem, you can opt for this facial. Even if you have pimple prone skin, this therapy can sooth your skin. Aromatherapy can provide relaxation and heal your skin related problems.

Aromatherapy Facial Benefits

Slowly, this facial is gaining fame among women with critical skin related problems. If you opt for aromatherapy regularly, you will notice the difference within a short time. Therapists use various types of essential oil to treat skin related problems in this facial. Depending on the skin type, therapists choose the essential oils. These oils cure problems like acne outburst and rashes.

It Clears Skin

The process of this facial begins with providing a medicinal steam. This steam helps in clearing out the skin pores. The facial therapy also helps in cleaning skin impurities. The therapists use essential oils to work on the skin pores.

Aromatherapy Facial for Better Skin
Aromatherapy Facial for Better Skin

It Removes Dead Cells

After the steam, therapists use exfoliation. This is a great way of removing dead cells from the skin surface. For maximum benefit the therapists use aroma scrubs. Regular use of this scrub helps in removing dead cells. The dead cell removal helps in revealing polished skin.

It Promotes Relaxation

If you are looking for relaxation along with facial, then this facial massage is right for you. The use of essential oil provides soothing effect on the skin. The other aromatic products which the therapists use to massage skin provide relaxing effect.

Can You Do It at Home?

Aromatherapy is an easy way to pamper skin. This facial can be done at home without problem. All you need is a series of essential oil to perform the facial. However, it is essential to remind you that skilled massage therapists can offer quick cure.

Aromatherapy Facial for Better Skin
Aromatherapy Facial for Better Skin

For Oily Skin

If you are suffering acne related problem, you probably have oily skin. To treat oily skin, you either have to opt for lemon oil or you need to buy tea tree oil. Orange oil is another pick which you can use to treat your pimple prone skin.

For Dry Skin

In case, you have dry skin which needs extreme care during winter, you should opt for rose oil or sandalwood oil.

The Aromatherapy Facial at Home

Now that you know which oil to use, you need to set the mood. For a facial therapy to work for you, it is important to boost the energy. Therefore, you must begin with the space first. Light candles to create a soothing setting for your therapy. If you cannot manage to relax around flames, you can use dim light.

Aromatherapy Facial at a Glance

To get maximum benefit of the facial therapy, wash your face with aromatherapy gel. You can create this gel by combining tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. This gel clears the skin layer and the pores. While providing steam to your face, make sure to add a few drops of chosen essential oil to boost the skin care. Once the steam therapy is over, massage your skin with your preferred cream. You must add a few drop of essential in this too. After the massage session, apply a pack of curd, sandalwood powder and honey to your skin.

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